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Helen’s Daughters is focused on building the individual and collective capacity of women farmers in the Caribbean region so that they can exercise their economic rights. Several countries in the region, consist of rural communities, yet most organizations that focus on women, girls and/or trans are urban centric. With marked social-class distinctions between rural and urban communities, we make it a point to focus on these under-served areas.

From agricultural training programmes to pro-bono health services in rural communities and even a farm-to-table cooking show; our organization takes a holistic approach to creating opportunities for women in the agricultural sector, combatting our regional food-import bill and tackling non-communicable diseases, while also ending cycles of poverty that exist in these rural communities.

We’re not just an agricultural organization- we use agriculture as an entry-point to overall development!

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Helen's Daughters (HD) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the economic development of rural women through improved market access, adaptive agricultural techniques, and capacity-building.

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