Tara La Force

Executive Assistant

From a very young age, Tara’s spirit has always been one of service to others, very nurturing and caring in her disposition.  Tara comes alive anytime she must give back to her community and by extension society.  She has been upfront and available whether it’s providing women advocacy through social media, assisting with hosting professional sessions on Sexual Reproductive Health and Gender - Based Violence or just being a sounding board for her peers.  Her innate love for people comes from her joy of watching them reach their full potential and ensuring that she is a part of the community and the development of its human resources.  Most specifically she has an affinity for women and women’s empowerment and that is evidenced in her extensive volunteerism in such areas.

Because of Tara’s caring and philanthropic personality, she has served with distinction for five years as an executive member of an organization committed to empowering our women. Additionally, she has maintained her presence as a volunteer within the same organization. Amongst other things she has been a part of the effort in which mensural hygiene packages are disseminated to underprivileged women from rural communities.  This was especially significant during the Covid-19 pandemic when the need doubled.

Tara's mission is to bring attention and awareness to a myriad of areas including her passion for mental health and its sustainability.  To this end, she is scheduled to graduate in December 2023 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of the West Indies Open Campus. She is now pursuing another degree within foreign languages with a focus in French.  From her work experience, Tara brings skills in leadership, management, soft skills and excellent customer service skills, something that seems to be a fleeting characteristic.

Tara’s interest in Helen’s Daughters came about because of the compatibility between her personal values and aspirations and the mission of Helen’s cause. Helen’s Daughters focuses on empowering women through holistic health and wellbeing, creates the perfect formula for Tara to continue to flourish as she draws closer to her ultimate objective in ensuring that she leaves an indelible mark on everything she touches whilst fundamentally changing lives for the better.


Helen's Daughters (HD) is a non-profit organization that focuses on the economic development of rural women through improved market access, adaptive agricultural techniques, and capacity-building.

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